How To Add Shopify Products To Your Facebook Page

Facebook now allows you to integrate your Shopify store, allowing you to open up your potential market to the userbase of the world’s biggest and most popular social network. This means that you can not only use Facebook to grow your band whilst engaging your existing consumer base, something that every successful seller should already be doing, but now visitors to your page and existing customers can buy and share from your Shopify directly on Facebook!


But Who Can Use the Shopify Facebook Store?

As long as you already have an existing Shopify store, anyone has the ability to buy and share from it through Facebook. If you haven’t yet linked your Shopify store to your Facebook page, you’re in luck as I will now talk you through its straightforward setup process. Simply use the Shopify app store to install the FB Page Shopify app, login through your Shopify administrator account, approve the store on your Facebook account and from there choose which products you would like to sell.

Once this is all set up, users will be able to see a thumbnail and link to your shop at the top of your Facebook page, which will enable you to quickly and easily drive traffic from your Facebook page to your store.



Arguably one of Shopify’s best features is its potential integration across many of your social medias and stores. You already have the option to integrate your Shopify store with Amazon, eBay and multitude of shipping and delivery companies. The Facebook integration has automatic listing update to make sure that pricing and pictures are completely up to date with your Shopify store, as well as making the integration process simple.

The app also allows you to block people from viewing your products unless they have liked your Facebook page: this is a very useful feature as it will grow your Facebook audience. People liking your page will notify these people’s friends and some of them will check out your Facebook page, resulting in a cycle of growth that is always getting larger.

Basically, if you already have and run a Shopify store, it is a no-brainer to integrate it with your Facebook profile. It can only result in good things such as growth and higher sales for you.