How To Get More Shopify Sales & Happy Customers

There are plenty of ways to increase store sales but only a handful of those methods can actually improve the satisfaction of a customer. Offering discounts and exclusive deals through unobtrusive email pop-ups are some of the ways to surprise and delight your store’s patrons.

Creating Single-use Discount Codes For A Sales Boost

Creating single-use coupons used to be quite a difficult task to do in Shopify. It was a bit of a letdown considering how huge of an ecommerce platform Shopify is. But rest assured as there are now solutions that don’t require you to have any technical knowledge to add to your store.

Shopify does provide a simple way to create discount codes but it only allows for that code to be used once or a specified number of times. It does not allow for a single code to be reused whilst being single-use per person.

This issue can be annoying because you probably don’t want to create a new code for every individual, nor do you want a single code to be reused by the same person repeatedly. Shopify does provide documentation for this issue; it’s just difficult to find and seems complicated to implement. Luckily, we’re here to help you in implementing single-use discount codes in Shopify!

How to create single-use discount codes in Shopify:

#1 Go into Shopify’s Discount section.

#2 Click On Create Discount or Add Discount Code to get started.


#3 Set the discount code that you want customers to enter at checkout. Being creative with the codename and well adding in titles that give a sense of urgency can help: Ex: SPRINGBREAK or Fall25OFF.

Discount Code Creation for Increased Sales

#4 Set your code conditions. under this category, you can choose if you want the code to save users a percentage of the purchase order or simply to take off a designated amount from qualifying purchases. There is also an option to run a free shipping discount code campaign.

It is important to set the requirements for the discount to work. In this area, you can have the code apply the discount to all orders, orders of a certain purchase amount, to a particular product/variant, collection or even customer groups.

#5 Define the discount code’s usage limits. If you would like to set a limit on the number of codes available, this is the place to do so. You can also limit it to one per customer.

Setting the date range (Start Date & End Date) for your shopify sale

#6 Determine how long you want your discount code to run. If you are thinking of releasing a seasonal or rush sales event, timing the expiration of the coupon code can be very helpful in creating buzz. For non-time based codes, check the “No Expiry” option before saving your code campaign.

Things to keep in mind!

Customers will need to sign in or create an account to be able to make use of the discount code. This is necessary because Shopify will check their email address against the record of existing customers to see whether or not they are eligible to use the code. If the users aren’t logged in, the system is unable to verify the user’s eligibility.

You can make groups for all kinds of things. You can make users eligible for a discount code once they have reached a specific amount of purchases or if they bought a particular product. It can be quite a diverse function once you’ve got it set up!

Email Pop-ups For Upselling And List Building

Having email pop-ups is necessary in order for your site to capture email addresses from your traffic. It is not only a good practice, but there’s also an art to it. These email pop-ups need to be executed properly, otherwise they are doing more harm than good.

You’ve probably visited a website where you were bombarded with pop-ups that would constantly ask for your email. In some cases, the exit button would be difficult to find or there was a pop-up on every page. Pop-ups like these must be completely avoided! If your site contains annoying pop-ups, it will most likely deter away potential customers!

Many of the apps available on Shopify for email pop-ups are of poor quality and therefore should be avoided. Luckily there is a simple solution that doesn’t involve anything too complex!

How to implement email pop-ups!

SumoMe is a software designed specifically to help you capture the details of the people visiting your website. It’s an all in one marketing suite that’s very versatile and highly customizable. It provides you with various solutions so that you can pick the option best suited for your business!

SumoMe offers multiple options for collecting email addresses. It provides a simple and effective way to keep your pop-ups up to date and organized. You can use any of the tools individually or in any combination you like. There are loads of advanced options as well, such as the ability to determine when or how often your pop-up should appear, etc.

Privy Popup Before Customization For Shopify      After Customization of the Privy Popup for Shopify Store

Another great alternative is Privy’s Email Popup App. It’s simple and comes with a changeable interface. Though it lacks the powerful addons that SumoMe offers, Privy holds its own as an small but mighty popup app.

As a recap, you should always focus on making your customers happy. After all, you wouldn’t be earning sales without your lovely customers. It will not only benefit them but will also boost your sales and give your store a bigger following!