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Starting A YouTube Channel For Your Business

Your Business and YouTube

There is no disputing that YouTube is one of today’s media giants, with users watching a combined total of thousands of years’ content every day. Of course, in such a vast sea of content and content creators, it can seem incredibly daunting to start your own YouTube channel to promote your business’ message and product, but in today’s digital world it is extremely important not to be left behind when it comes to the latest trends.

This article will help you create and manage a YouTube channel for your business that will both promote your business, create enjoyable content for consumers and attract new customers to your business. In the end, this content will be an immensely effective form of promotion for your business, with YouTube giving you a platform to show off and demonstrate your product to an audience of – potentially – millions.

Setting Up A YouTube Channel

Fortunately, the process of actually creating a YouTube channel is straightforward and easy to follow. However, because of this, it means that anyone can have one, and in an ecosystem such as YouTube – one full of other content creators and businesses looking to promote their own products – it will ultimately be the content and its quality that stands you out from the crowd. Nevertheless, to get there we will have to create an account, so here are the steps. First and foremost, you’ll need both a personal Google+ profile and one for your business. Once that’s done and dusted, it’s time

  1. Login to the Google+ account that you created for your business and navigate to the YT Channel Switcher 
  2. Here you should see your own personal Google+ account, as well as an option to create a new account for your business’ Google+ page. Click on your business page, at which point a pop-up will ask you if you if you want to create a channel for your business. Click ‘OK’.
  3. Now there will be another pop-up telling you that your YouTube channel and Google+ page will now be connected. Again, click ‘OK’.
  4. Now your business has a YouTube channel! The next step is adding a look of quality and professionalism to your channel.

Customising Your Channel

As with business in real life, it is important to also convey a look of professionalism via your digital business. This is true for not only YouTube channels, but your various websites and social media pages too. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on [p2p type=”slug” value=”consistent-product-brand-images”]how nice your various websites look,[/p2p] the internet is a place where people will immediately judge the quality of your products or services based on what they see in the quality of your pages. To ensure your YouTube channel is looking its absolute best is a necessity in order to stand above the rest, so let’s get started!

Channel Icon: When your channel is first created, the icon will be the same as your Google+ profile photo. This will usually be just fine, but it is recommended that your profile picture be something recognisable for your business, such as a logo . It is also recommended that the picture be a size of at least 800×800 pixels before it is uploaded to ensure that it is of high quality.

Channel Art: This can be a great way to add a nice banner at the top of your YouTube channel, detailing deals you have ongoing within your business or perhaps showing off a nice picture of your business. Either way, a good looking picture or art at the top of your channel will work wonders for leaving a good impression on people. YouTube recommends that the size of the art should be 2560×1440 pixels to ensure high quality across all devices; an important factor as many of your customers will likely be discovering your YouTube channel on a mobile device or tablet.

Details and Description

Beneath your channel art in the upper right-hand corner, you should see a gear icon. This will allow you to access other sections of customisation for your channel, namely the details and description sections. These will give you a good opportunity to write a few detailed paragraphs about your business, locations, deals and other such details.

Once you have clicked on the cog there will be a pop-up entitled ‘Channel settings’. Look for the option ‘Customize the layout of your channel’, enable it and click ‘Save’. You will now have access to five new tabs for customization; Home, Videos, Playlists, Channels and About. The ‘About’ tab is where we’ll put our focus for now.

Navigate to the ‘About’ tab and begin editing the description section. This is where you can outline details about your business, locations of your business, and be sure to include contact details. Beneath the ‘Description’ section, you should find a ‘Links’ section. This is where you should add all social media and websites that you associate with your business.

Creating Content to Attract Customers.

When you’re happy with your channel layout and design, the next step will be to start creating good quality content to attract new customers to your business. Videos should be viewed by all businesses as the prime way to market their products in today’s society, and so it’s important not to leave your business in the dust. Creating informative, entertaining videos that maintain a high-standard of quality will ensure that you attract and retain viewers and customers.

There are certain types of videos and marketing strategies that have become quite popular on YouTube as of late, and we will explore some of these in detail, allowing you to decide which strategy will be the best for your business.

Educational Videos: YouTube and the internet are great places for learning new things, and the amount of people realising this is always growing. For this reason, the popularity of ‘how-to’ videos is growing rapidly and could potentially be the best route for your business to take when making videos. Creating videos demonstrating how to use certain products that you sell will allow you to both inform the customer of how to use tricky devices as well as promote things that you sell.

The customers will be appreciative of the advice that you offer them through your videos and will likely ‘Subscribe’ to your YouTube channel so that they can keep coming back for more advice. Similarly, your educational videos could help people who are unsure of purchasing a certain product because of its tricky reputation as they have now seen you demonstrate how to use it, letting the new customer feel safe in that you know what you are doing and that they can come to you or your channel for support if need be. In short, educational videos often build trust between business and consumer, and they are also quite easy to produce, allowing for good return on investment.

Entertainment Videos: Of course, without a doubt the main reason that people visit YouTube is to be entertained, and so perhaps the products that you sell would be best suited to creating entertaining videos involving or demonstrating a product that you sell. For example, gamers are arguably the largest demographic or audience on YouTube at the moment, and so if your business is tech-oriented it might be a good idea to create some sort of gaming videos incorporating different accessories that you sell. Gaming videos have a large audience and so have the potential to reach a huge amount of new customers, so creating humorous, fun and promotional videos would be an ideal way to get your business noticed on YouTube.

Build a Brand:  YouTube offers many filmmakers a brilliant opportunity to tell a short, bite-size story to a large audience. Targeting your business’s audience would be key if you are thinking about taking a similar approach and may not be viable for many businesses due to the nature of the products that they sell.

GoPro is a great example of a business that uses storytelling to advertise its products as all of their videos are of people using their products in exciting, inspirational situations such as various extreme sporting situations. Some of these videos have gone viral, cementing GoPro’s name as the definitive camera brand for extreme sports.

Optimising Your Videos For Search Results

As I have been mentioning throughout the article, YouTube is a vast sea of content and it can be hard to stand out, often with the most popular results being listed first. People will have the upper hand on you because they have been on YouTube longer than you, and there isn’t much that you can do to turn that around.

However, every element of your videos will have a factor on how prominently they get listed in search results. This means that your title, description, keyword, tags, and even thumbnail will have to be relevant to your video topic. Let’s take a look at what we can do to help your videos stand out.

Keywords: The first thing to do when optimising your videos is to decide which keyword you’ll be focusing on as these will almost definitely be the largest factory in deciding where your video gets ranked. You’re going to want to think about what people will likely search in order to come across your video, and there are even utilities available on the web such as Keyword Tool for YT that will tell you if they are popular search terms or not. Using this tool will allow you to best optimise your video’s title, description and tags keywords to guarantee that it gets listed high in search results.

Engagement: YouTube puts a lot of focus into how your viewers are engaging with your channels and your content in general and this comes in the form of subscribers, comments, likes and dislikes. Encouraging your viewers to engage with your content will make YouTube’s algorithms see your content as a higher quality.

There are many ways that you can get more engagement on your videos, and perhaps one of the most effective for a business would be to host giveaways. Having a system where subscribers must comment to be entered into a random giveaway to win a relatively cheap product will make your business appear generous as well as causing you to gain a lot of subscribers and comments, meaning that YouTube will determine your video quality as higher. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Similarly, encouraging people to click the like button if they found the video informative can be a great way to improve your engagement ratings, as well as increasing viewership, another factor, by distributing channel or video links to people that are already in your mailing list, or posting about your new YouTube channel on one of your social media accounts. Following these steps will ensure that you soon have a high engagement rating and you should start being listed higher and higher up the search results page.

Format: The format of the file that you actually upload to YouTube plays a part in its quality rating, so its important to pay close attention to the following points when uploading your videos.

Filename: By default, your video might be named something like ‘MOV001’, when in reality your video is going to be called on YouTube something like ‘Top 5 4K Televisions on sale at X business’. It is important to rename the original filename of your video to what you want it to be on YouTube, as YouTube will factor in the filename to its quality rating.

Length: YouTube assumes longer videos to be of higher quality, however audience retention shows that 10-12 minute videos are the sweet spot.

Title: Your video’s title should be descriptive and short, while also featuring a keyword near the start for the best possible quality rating.

Description: The longer this is, the better. Write whatever you possible can in here, such as details of the product used in the video, resources your viewers could find helpful and it also doesn’t hurt to link your social media and business websites down here for viewers to find. Also, do your best to include some keywords down here, too, to both ensure a higher quality rating and also putting your video higher up in the search results.

Tags: It is important from a purely aesthetic standpoint to not overload the tags section as it can look quite unprofessional. Instead, focus on a handful of targeted keywords to ensure higher search result ranking and also a better quality rating.

Tips and Tricks

If you have followed the steps above you should be looking at a bright future for your business on YouTube, so congratulations! You’ve taken a big leap that will surely pay off for you and your business. There are some advanced tips that are not necessary for your channel anymore – it is already looking pretty good at this point – but that could result in even higher quality ratings and audience retention. If you’re feeling up to the task, try out some of these.

Add a Watermark To Your Videos:  A watermark is a customizable image that will be overlaid on every one of your videos, and when clicked will bring your viewers to your channel page, meaning they will be able to watch more of your videos as well as explore your fully fleshed-out channel page and description. To add a watermark to your videos, go to your channel page and navigate to the ‘Video Manager’ tab near the top of the page.

This will take you to the ‘Creator Studio’ where you will be able to find some more advanced settings for your account. Once in the ‘Creator Studio’, click on the ‘Channel’ button in the sidebar on the left. A drop-down will appear under it, select the ‘Branding’ button and then you will see an option to ‘Add a Watermark’. Here you will be able to upload an image from your computer that will be displayed in the corner of each of your videos.

Enable a Subscription Prompt: Adding “?sub_confirmation=1” to the end of a link to your channel will cause a pop-up to appear for anyone who clicks the link, encouraging them to subscribe to your channel. This is a good idea as it can build a faster, more permanent audience for your channel.

Merch Cards: You will be able to add a slick, visual link to products used in your video via the merch card option in YouTube. It is a simple process: head to your video manager again (detailed above) and select the ‘Edit’ option for the videos that you would like to add merch cards too. At the top of your screen will be some new tabs, select ‘Cards’ and then ‘Link Cards’ and from here you will be able to fill out all the information for whatever product you want to link, a great way to promote sales for your business via products featured in your videos.

Hopefully after following these steps you will be well on the way to having you business make it’s mark on YouTube. Your decision to start advertising on one of the most popular content websites in the world will pay off for you and your business through the building of a vast audience interested in your products and your content.